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   F e d o r a    V i r t u a l    S e r v e r

  This content has not yet been translated into English.
  Please go to Japanese website for further information.

   How to configure and publish servers at a low cost

     1. Introduction     ---   About this site.

     2. Preparation     ---   Before planning the servers.

     3. About servers     ---   Learning about servers.

     4. Planning     ---   Planning the server configuration.

     5. Virtual Machine     ---   Installing VirtualBox.

     6. Install Fedora     ---   Installing Fedora 14.

     7. Initial settings     ---   Setting up Fedora machines.

     8. Firewall server     ---   Configuring a Firewall server.

     9. Web server     ---   Configuring a web server.

     10. Web pages     ---   Creating website with Apache Wicket.

     11. Server security     ---   How to enhance server security.

     12. Server publishing     ---   Publishing a web server.

     13. Mail server     ---   Configuring a mail server.

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