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F(x)-x graph


Function(x) graph - Web API

This API draws a graph of provided function(x) with a given range of x, and returns an graph image.

  » Check also the feature of this API: go to Functional Calculator - f(x) page (math tool).

To use this API, access to the URL below.
This API returns a PNG image.

  » See also How to use Web API page.

Parameters:  (*required)
fx * string a function(x) (e.g. x^2+x+2)
- valid characters (x is a variable, a, b, and c are constants): 1234567890+-*/()^,pi,e,sqrt,log,abs,sin,cos,tan,a,b,c,x
xfrom string a start value of x (e.g. -10)
xto string an end value of x (e.g. 10)
a string a value of a
b string a value of b
c string a value of c

Return values:
image png a drawn graph image

      *      *      *


  Get a graph image in Java Script
<meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8" />

<script type="text/javascript">

function getGraph() {

  var graph = document.getElementById("fxgraph");
  graph.innerHTML = "";

  var obj = document.createElement("iframe"); = "620px"; = "620px";
  obj.setAttribute("scrolling", "no");
  obj.setAttribute("frameBorder", "0");

  var url = "";
  var fx = document.getElementById("fx").value;
  var xfrom = document.getElementById("xfrom").value;
  var xto = document.getElementById("xto").value;
  var a = document.getElementById("a").value;
  var b = document.getElementById("b").value;
  var c = document.getElementById("c").value;
  obj.src = url + "fx=" + encodeURIComponent(fx)
    + "&xfrom=" + encodeURIComponent(xfrom)
    + "&xto=" + encodeURIComponent(xto)
    + "&a=" + encodeURIComponent(a)
    + "&b=" + encodeURIComponent(b)
    + "&c=" + encodeURIComponent(c);




<title>API test</title>


fx=<input type="text" id="fx" size=40>
xfrom=<input type="text" id="xfrom" size=6>
xto=<input type="text" id="xto" size=6>
a=<input type="text" id="a" size=6>
b=<input type="text" id="b" size=6>
c=<input type="text" id="c" size=6>

<input type="button" value="draw" onclick="getGraph()">

<span id="fxgraph"></span>


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